Unity 5 – Importing the Missing Standard Assets

A lot of Unity tutorials instruct students to import something from the standard assets in the assets menu of Unity. Unfortunately, the standard assets have moved which can make it a little confusing for anyone trying to follow along. But, don’t panic! They’re still available, they’ve just been moved to the assets store.

1. Old vs New

Here’s a quick look at the old unity Assets > Import Package menu vs the new one.  As you can see the new one is decidedly empty.

Unity 3d New Import Assets Menu vs Old Import Assets Menu

2. Open the Assets Store

Open up the Asset Store tab in Unity.

Unity 3d Accessing the Assets Store from In Unity

If you don’t see the Asset Store tab then open the Window menu and click Asset Store in the list.

Unity 5 Opening the Assets Store Window

3. Search the Asset Store

You might have to wait a few moments for the asset store to load so don’t worry if you see a white screen/loading screen while it makes the connection.

Once the asset store is loaded type Standard Assets in the search bar.

Unity 5 Searching for the Standard Assets in the Asset Store

You should see the Standard Assets pack pop up under the search bar as you’re typing (along with the old standard assets for unity 4.6. If you do then feel free to click on Standard Assets from here.

Unity 3d Finding the Missing Standard Assets in the Asset Store

Otherwise click enter to complete your search and you should see the Standard Assets as the first search result. Click on it to select it.

Unity 5 Standard Assets Pack

4. Import the Standard Assets

Scroll down a little and click on the Import button.

Unity 5 Importing the Standard Assets

This should open up an Import Unity Package window showing you all the things you can import from the package. Make sure the items you want to import have ticks in the checkboxes next to them and uncheck anything you don’t want to import. Click Import to begin the import.

Unity 5 Importing the Full Standard Assets Pack

If you only want to import a specific package like you would have been able to from the original menu the collapse the SampleScenes folder in the Import Unity Package window. Under the Standard Assets folder collapse each of the next level sub folders and you’ll be able to see that each of the folders correspond to an item from the original menu.

Uncheck the boxes next to the items you don’t want (or click None in the bottom left of the Import Unity Packages window and recheck the items you want to import). Then click Import to import the Standard Assets you want in your project.

Unity 5 Importing the Standard Assets you Need

Depending on how many items you’re importing it may take a little while to complete.

Unity 5 Waiting for the Standard Assets to Import

Once it’s finished importing you’ll see all of your selected standard assets in the Project window.

Unity 5 with the Standard Assets Imported

That’s it! Now you’ve got all those lovely standard assets to play around with.

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