Unity App Not Playing in Magic Leap Simulator Troubleshooting

Sometimes, even when it seems like you’ve done everything right, you click play on Unity expecting to see your scene pop up on the Magic Leap Remote Simulator but instead you get a Unity error and nothing on the simulator.

It’s (usually) pretty easy to fix. So, before you panic try out these quick steps to see if they solve the problem.

Start the Simulator First

Make sure the Magic Leap Remote Simulator is up and running before you launch Unity.

If everything’s already running stop the simulator and shut it down. Close Unity. Open the simulator, start it, load a virtual room, then start Unity.

Run your app and see if it works in the simulator.

Check Your Build Settings & SDK Path

For your app to run in the Magic Leap Remote Simulator you need to have your build settings setup right.

Open the File menu and click Build Settings.

Changing the Build Settings in Unity to Run a Magic Leap Project

Select Lumin OS as the platform. The click the button under the Lumin SDK Location to set the path to the Lumin SDK.

Setting the Unity Build Settings to Run a Magic Leap Project

Navigate to the Lumin SDK and click Choose.

Setting the Lumin SDK in Unity Build Settings

Click Switch Platform then close the build settings window.

Setting the Lumin OS Platform in Unity

Once Unity starts back up press play and see if your app works in the simulator.

Check Zero Iteration Mode is Enabled

Open the Magic Leap menu and click Enable Zero Iteration.

Enabling Zero Iteration in Unity to Run Magic Leap Project

If zero iteration is already enabled you’ll get a pop up informing you of that. It’ll give you the option to reimport them. It might be worth reimporting them anyway.

Click the Restart button and wait for Unity to restart.

Restarting Unity in Zero Iteration Mode

Once Unity starts back up press play and see if your app works in the simulator.

Restart Everything

If it’s still not working then try a classic system restart. Stop the Magic Leap Remote Simulator. Close all your apps (especially the Magic Leap and Unity ones). Shut down your computer and boot it back up.

Make sure you start up the simulator before you start Unity.

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