How to Load Virtual Rooms in the Magic Leap Simulator

Having your creations come to life in a virtual room is as close as we’re going to get to seeing how they’d run on the Magic Leap Device for now. Here’s a step by step guide to loading up virtual rooms in the Magic Leap Simulator. 

 1. Open the Magic Leap Package Manager

Opening the Magic Leap Remote Simulator

Open up the Magic Leap Package Manager. Click on the Lumin SDK row in the Common Packages table. Then click Open Folder in the main window.

2. Navigate to The Simulator

Magic Leap Remote Emulator Location

Your file manager will open at the root of the Magic Leap SDK. Navigate to the Simulator at : mlsdk/v0.11.1/VirtualDevice/bin/UIFrontEnd/Magic Leap Remote.

3. Start the Simulator

Starting the Magic Leap Remote Simulator

Click the Start Simulator button.

Magic Leap Remote Simulator Working

Once the status lights have all gone green the Simulator will launch in a new window on it’s default screen.

Magic Leap Remote Simulator Window

4. Load a Virtual Room

Loading a Virtual Room in the Magic Leap Remote Simulator

Open the burger menu in the top right of the Simulator and click Virtual Room.

Choosing a Virtual Room to Load in the Magic Leap Remote SimulatorYour finder should automatically open on the ExampleRooms folder. Select a virtual room then click Open.

The selected virtual room will open in the simulator.

Magic Leap Remote Simulator Virtual Room Loaded

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