Creating a New Magic Leap Project with Unity

Setting up a new Magic Leap project with Unity is nice and simple. Here’s a step by step guide so you can see which settings you’ll need to choose to get things running right.

1. Sign in to your Unity Installation

Sign in to Unity

If it’s your first time launching Unity then you’ll need to either sign in to your Unity account or click Work offline to get started.

2. Start a New Project


Start a New Magic Leap Project in Unity

Click New Project or the New button in the top right to setup a new project.

3. Select Magic Leap Template

Select Magic Leap Template in Unity

Select Magic Leap from the Template dropdown on the project setup screen.

4. Setup Project Basics

Setup Magic Leap Unity Project Basics

Enter the basic information for your project such as the project name and the location where the project will be stored on your hard drive. Add any assets packages and enable/disable unity analytics.

5. Create your Project

Create New Magic Leap Unity Project

Click create project and unity will get to work creating your new project.

6. Changing Your Build Settings

Open the file menu and click on Build Settings.

Changing the Build Settings in Unity to Run a Magic Leap Project

In the Platform scroll box choose Lumin OS. Then click the three dots under the Lumin SDK Location box and select the Lumin SDK location.

Setting the Unity Build Settings to Run a Magic Leap Project

Once you’ve navigated to the location in the file browser hit Choose.

Setting the Lumin SDK in Unity Build Settings

Then click the Switch Platform button and once it’s successfully switched platforms close the window.

Setting the Lumin OS Platform in Unity

7. Enable Zero Iteration Mode

Finally we need to enable zero iteration mode before we can run our projects in the Magic Leap Remote Simulator.

Open the Magic Leap menu and click Enable Zero Iteration.

Enabling Zero Iteration in Unity to Run Magic Leap Project

If the zero iteration libraries haven’t already been imported then you’ll get a popup  asking you to restart the editor. Hit restart.

Restarting Unity in Zero Iteration Mode

Once the editor has restarted you’re good to go!


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